In early September, precisely from Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September during the three days of "Tortellini & Dintorni", you have the chance to know and enjoy the most delicious dishes and wines  that Valeggio sul Mincio can offer on the table.  The evenings of "Tortellini & Dintorni" are also enriched with many live concerts, along the streets:  an event within the event that transforms the centre of the town into a large open-air stage. Along the stands of the Market of Excellence, you can find many other producers of typical Italian specialities. “Tortellini & Dintorni”  offers the opportunity to take part of free guided tours, to discover the backcountry of Garda Lake and enjoy the natural and historical heritage of Valeggio. The event is organised by the association promoting local culture and tourism, located in Piazza Carlo Alberto, 44. 

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