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Fukuoka’s Ristorante Canoviano takes you on a journey to Italy

Viaggio d’Italia is the name of the Italian wine event that will take place at Fukuoka’s Ristorante Canoviano on 23rd February, with seats limited to 40.

It is the sixth event dedicated to Italian wine. The purpose of the initiative is to expand the knowledge of the rich Italian food and wine heritage, strictly connected to the peculiar geography of the Italian peninsula, stretching long and slender North to South and bearing a variety of climates and landscapes, and, therefore, of wines and flavours.

Viaggio d’Italia (“Italian journey”) is the perfect opportunity to sample the specialities from the areas of origin of the wines, blending perfectly with the delicate flavours of garlic, chilli and olive oil and no use of butter or cream.

Date: 23rd February 2018

Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Venue: Ristorante Canoviano Fukuoka

Address: Daimyō 1-12, Chūō-ku, 810-0041, Fukuoka, Japan

Further information:

*All participants must be of age.

Artecibo editorial board
Content edited by staff
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