A website specialising in the Italian agricultural excellence
Artecibo.com is a website focussing on high-quality farming products of Italy, addressing consumers and businesses with accurate and trustworthy information, which originates from a deep understanding of the physical and agricultural geography of the Italian peninsula. We can rely on an extensive network of journalists, collaborators, university professors, researchers and experts.

The world as an audience
Artecibo.com aims at presenting the best Italian farming foods to the whole world, with a special focus on the Japanese market as well as other markets, by means of the English language. For this reason, Artecibo.com offers trilingual contents, in Italian, Japanese and English.

Connecting and creating business opportunities
Artecibo.com is constantly discovering and reviewing typical products as well as small and medium-scale businesses, particularly those investing in organic farming practices, fostering their development and their exports. Our goal is to help build direct relations between farmers, producers, consumers and business, providing support.
To that end, Artecibo.com endeavours to provide updates on the main food and agricultural fairs and events, in Italy and abroad.

Providing insights into a healthier lifestyle
Artecibo.com is an advocate of fine eating. With useful information on the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the agriculture excellence branded “Made in Italy”, Artecibo.com is a good read for food enthusiasts and a useful source of inspiration for healthier eating habits. Eating healthy food is an important step towards the prevention of diseased and a long and happy life.